“ Woyzeck ” At Ucla


KPBS AIRDATE: December 13, 2002 Miniature lighted metal sculptures twinkle and glide across the stage. Each will make a return appearance later, larger-than-life. The curtain rises to reveal an eye-popping splash of modern art and a giant, chartreuse-clad barker who draws us in, singing the haunting anthem of the evening, "Misery's the river of the world… everybody row." The carnival has begun. Robert Wilson is on Read More →

“ Mamma Mia! ” At Civic Theatre & “ Nickels And Dimes ” At Lyceum Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: August 15, 2003 Short run. Good fun. If you like your musical or comic theater on the light side, "Mamma Mia! You don't have to Nickel and Dime it -- this is the week for you. The international megahit, "Mamma Mia!" just discoed its way into the Civic Theatre and, whether you like the songs of ABBA or not, the Read More →

Theatre Review: “ Still Life” At New Village Arts & Cirque Du Soleil’s “ Varekai”


KPBS AIRDATE: April 09, 2004 How do you like your drama? High-flying acrobatics or interior turmoil? Motion or stasis. In one corner, there's Cirque du Soleil's eye-popping, jaw-dropping "Varekai." But for a quiet night of social-political commentary, you won't want to miss "Still Life" at New Village Arts. You know all about the Cirque; outrageous acts, incredible costumes, little plot Read More →

“i Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” At The Theatre In Old Town


KPBS AIRDATE:   December 24, 2004 I love them, they’re perfect, but now it’s gonna change.   After a year at the Theatre in Old Town , the fun, frothy musical revue, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” is movin ’ on. I saw the mostly New York opening-cast Read More →

Theatre Review: “munched” At The Fritz Blitz Of New Plays & “flesh And Blood” At Adams Ave. Theatre & “the Day After Yesterday” At North Park Vaudeville


KPBS AIRDATE:  September 02, 2005 It’s not a great week for onstage mothers. They may appear in some interesting plays, but the characters are no paean to maternalism. Three plays – three destructive maters. By far the strongest piece – both technically and dramatically – was “Munched,” which premiered at the Fritz Blitz of New Plays by California Playwrights. Read More →

“nocturne” At New Village Arts / No Way To Treat A Lady” At North Coast Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:  May 12, 2006 A couple of killers – and some killer performances. Murder is on the minds of local theatermakers – in a melancholic monologue and a madcap musical comedy. “No Way to Treat a Lady” is a tuneful adaptation of a funny 1968 film; the meditative “Nocturne” was a recent nominee for the Pulitzer Prize. Read More →