“curtain Calls” Do Not Fuggeddaboudit…


By Pat Launer 10/20/04 This week, the theater covered myriad themes: From immigrant "Souls" to Strindberg "Dreams." Political issues made raucous noise And we witnessed the rise of the Valli Boys. The Joisey Boys are in town -- and it's gonna be pretty hard to ignore Read More →

“Curtain Calls” A Hare’s Breadth


By Pat Launer 06/09/05 Love in many guises – grief, and loss, too: From “A Midsummer’s Night” to “Amy’s View,” Stark reality to ‘Once Upons ,’ From Rapunzel’s story to the premiere, ‘Bronze.’ So what, you may ask, is “Amy’s View?” Well, it was once a young girl’s newsletter. But now it’s a philosophy of life – that love conquers all, that love expended will be requited. That love is all you need. Nice thought. But it didn’t work Read More →

“curtain Calls” Ghost Story


By Pat Launer 02/10/06 Even The Most Happy Fella is occasionally glum, And there’s sex inside your chewing Gum. History and mystery can be abstruse When Restless Spirits are on the loose. Read More →

“curtain Calls” Ain’t You Heard?


By Pat Launer 09/29/06 Hey, Ain’t You Heard what’s goin’ down? Edith Head and Mac Wellman were in town. DEEP LIKE THE RIVERS THE SHOW: Ain’t You Heard ?, Read More →

“curtain Calls” #195


By Pat Launer 06/01/07 Resilience means revenge and regret… and much more; So watch out, Baby¸ the Woolf ‘s at the door. FEAR AND LOATHING IN NEW ENGLAND Read More →

“Kiss Me, Kate” – The Old Globe


Pat Launer, Center Stage on KSDS JAZZ88 July 17, 2015 You don’t have to “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” to enjoy “Kiss Me, Kate.” But the more familiar you are with “The Taming of the Shrew,” the source of this brilliant 1948 musical, the more you’ll relish it. The clever book is by Sam and Bella Spewak, with its crafty play-within-a-play structure. The gorgeous score is by Cole Porter, smart/satiric wordsmith extraordinaire. Darko Tresnjak, former artistic director Read More →