Theatre Review: “ Shirley Valentine” By Renaissance At 6th @ Penn Theatre And Other Solo Pieces


KPBS AIRDATE: May 07, 2004 San Diego seems to have become a spawning ground for knockout solo performances. Two years ago, at the La Jolla Playhouse, the first Page to Stage work-in-progress featured the glorious star-turn of Jefferson Mays in this year's Pulitzer Prize-winner, "I Am My Own Wife." He's sure to be nominated next week for a Tony Award in his Broadway debut. Also Read More →

Theatre Review: “the Gin Game” By Premiere Productions At The Broadway Theatre & “as You Like It” By Ucsd Theatre In The Mandell Weiss Forum


KPBS AIRDATE:  February 11, 2005 It’s February, and love is in the air. Romance ensnares the old and the young, in Elizabethan and modern classics. Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” is all about the seasons of life and youthful love. “The Gin Game,” written by D.L. Coburn in 1976, concerns the search for companionship in the waning years. In both cases, Cupid’s arrow doesn’t strike with bloodless Read More →

Theatre Review: “chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life” By The Old Globe Theatre & “the Scottish Play” By La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE:  September 30, 2005 Two Tony Award-winning theaters, two world premieres and a long list of prestigious pedigrees. At the Old Globe, you can catch a living legend, Chita Rivera, in a new dance/musical/narrative about her life. Then there’s “The Scottish Play,” the latest creation by Lee Blessing, the La Jolla Playhouse’s most-performed living playwright. One piece is on very sure footing; the other is Read More →

On Wendy Wasserstein


KPBS AIRDATE:  June 09, 2006 This could’ve been called Wendy Wasserstein Week in San Diego. In tribute to the late, much lamented playwright, who died in January at age 55, staged readings of three Wasserstein plays were presented at North Coast Repertory Theatre, in conjunction with the 13th annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival. Wasserstein was the voice of her Read More →

“ace” At The Old Globe Theatre / “happy Endings Are Extra” At Diversionary Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:  January 26, 2007 Absent passion is unfulfilling anywhere, but it’s particularly unsatisfying in the theater. If there’s a romance onstage, you want to believe in the infatuation; if the obsession is less personal, you want it to absorb you as much as the character. Alas, in two new plays, we are not aroused – either by ardor or enthusiasm. In Read More →

”forever Plaid” At The Old Globe Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: 8/29/91 We've all known a few good-hearted geeks. Guys who tried too hard to be cool, and wound up less than tepid.   Guys who got nosebleeds when they were nervous. Or, even worse, heartburn. Maybe they wore bowties. Plaid ones, no less.   Well, that's just the kind of Read More →