“xxx Love Act” At The Fritz Theater / “the Dyke And The Porn Star” At 6 @ Penn


KPBS AIRDATE:   JANUARY 27, 1999 If you haven’t had a bellyful of sex, violence and tough talk in the movies or the news, check out the theater – we’re in the midst of a veritable porn-fest.   There’s “Making Porn” at Diversionary, “XXX Love Act” at the Fritz, “The Dyke and the Porn Star” and “Ballistic Femme” at 6@ Penn Studio. I thought I’d Read More →

“The Diary Of Anne Frank” At North Coast Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   SEPTEMBER 22, 1999 In Amsterdam, you can visit the site. You can climb up the steep steps of the narrow canal-house, past the bookcase/door to the claustrophobic garret where eight people lived for two years, hiding from the Nazis until they were discovered and carted off to concentration camps. Only one of them -- the father -- survived. Read More →

Men In Tights:   Intrepid Shakespeare’s Hilarious ‘i Hate Hamlet’


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO 7/1/14 Who could possibly hate Hamlet? You might be annoyed with him for being such an indecisive wimp. But hate him? Only a TV star being pressured into the iconic role could have that kind of negative passion for the black-clad Dane. And so it is, in Read More →

A San Diego Sun-Shower: “Singin’ in the Rain”


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO 5/26/15 It took 30 years for the beloved movie musical to make it to the stage, but the theatrical version of “Singin’ in the Rain” maintains all the familiar songs and characters and story. And the expected fabulous dancing. But, as presented by San Diego Musical Theatre (directed by Todd Nielsen), it feels choppy and episodic, with unnecessarily slow scene changes, overly elaborate sets and a sense that nearly every song is unmotivated, Read More →

“curtain Calls” Mother-love


By Pat Launer 10/22/03 The plays are varied; the playwrights are heady; Prepare yourself, get set; get ready. Tragedy, drama and comedy uncouth; Sophocles, Kushner and Shakespeare, forsooth! If you suffer from intellectual terrors, You're just right for the Comedy of Errors. Read More →

“curtain Calls” Inspired By Art


By Pat Launer 06/16/04 Science and politics; it's all the rage On more than one San Diego stage. Air-pumps, sound-machines, introspections, Fictitious gubernatorial elections. Provocative theater to promote: The mindless-summer-movie antidote! While Broadway musicals are taking their cues from Read More →