“the Diviners” At The Lamb’s Players Theatre


KPBS Airdate: October 28, 1998 When first we behold poor, brain-damaged Buddy Layman, his eyes are rolled back in his head, and he’s stumbling around the stage with a forked stick, divining water, while onlookers stare in slackjawed amazement. Water runs through and through “The Diviners,” sometimes still, sometimes a trickle, and sometimes a torrent. James Leonard, Jr. has woven Read More →

“in The Heart Of America” At The Fritz Theater / “true West” At Sledgehammer Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   JUNE 23, 1999 If you want a peek at the dark underbelly of our nation, you have two dramatic vantage points this week.   Check out Sledgehammer Theatre or the Fritz, both fiercely exploding the American Dream and the American myth.   The myth of the Wild West.   And the myth of America the melting pot, the benevolent watchdog, the Read More →

Ordinary Lives Challenged In Rest Home With No “rest”


Pat Launer 4/8/14 Samuel D. Hunter writes about everyday folks in small-town Idaho, where he grew up. They’re ordinary people, faced by extraordinary circumstances – at least in the context of their fairly mundane lives. In “The Whale,” a wonderful work that won multiple awards in New York last year, it was a 600-pound online teacher, eating himself to Read More →

A Master Class With The Master: “sondheim On Sondheim” At Moonlight Stage Productions


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO 2/16/15 Spend an evening with Stephen Sondheim. The brilliant composer/lyricist will show you around his place. He’ll point out the Baldwin piano he got “at cost,” that once belonged to Leonard Bernstein. He’ll play for you. He’ll even sing for you (though honestly, maybe that’s not the best idea). And he’ll tell you about Read More →

“curtain Calls” Set Your Clock, Your Vcr And Your Schedule!


By Pat Launer 7/29/03 Love, we know, is full of surprises, It comes in multiple shapes and sizes, It makes you cold, it makes you schvitz It strikes at the Globe as well as the Fritz: It thwarts the very best-laid plans Of straight men and gay men and Mae West Read More →

“curtain Calls” Floats Like A Butterfly


By Pat Launer 03/24/04 This week, the stage was estrogen-fueled; Chicks rocked, females ruled (Though some were less than bona fide -- like the one who's utterly 'Butterflied'). Some are Divas, some are shady; A Spider Woman and a Gingerbread Lady. Read More →