“wintertime” & “when Grace Comes In” At The La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE: August 30, 2002 Love of others, love of self…. How much do you indulge or subordinate your own needs for the ones you love? In wildly different ways, this question courses though two world premieres at La Jolla Playhouse. "When Grace Comes In" is quiet and introspective, emotional repression described in internal monologues. "Wintertime" is rowdy, randy and emotive. It feels Read More →

Forever Plaid At The Theatre In Old Town


KPBS AIRDATE: November 27, 1996 MUSIC, under: “Three Coins in the Fountain” For some strange reason, plaid never seems to go out of style.    I guess it’s warm and familiar and comfortable.   Same goes for “Forever Plaid.”   Audiences, especially in San Diego, never seem to tire of it, and they’re fighting their way in Read More →

“THE DOYLE AND DEBBIE SHOW” at Broadway Vista Theatre

“THE DOYLE AND DEBBIE SHOW” at Broadway Vista Theatre


Posted at on 4/12/16 RUN DATES: 4/1/16 - 5/1/16 VENUE: Broadway Vista Theatre Doyle Mayfield has had a rough ride. He’s already been through two Debbies (two of his four wives) and now his third Debbie, the one he thought would catapult him back on top of the country western charts, is gettin’ ready to skedaddle. But they’ll do one last “Doyle and Debbie Show” for our delectation (‘we’ being a Nashville audience). It just seemed right to Read More →

“DISTRICT MERCHANTS” at South Coast Repertory

“DISTRICT MERCHANTS” at South Coast Repertory


Aired on KSDS-FM on 10/21/16 RUN DATES: 10/2/16 - 10/23/16 VENUE: South Coast Repertory   It’s always been a ‘problem play,’ even though Shakespeare’s First Folio lists it as a comedy. But Aaron Posner, lifelong adapter and provocateur, isn’t intimidated by “The Merchant of Venice.” In his version, “District Merchants,” the Jews aren’t the only battered, beleaguered minority. Posner sets his drama in post-Civil War Washington, D.C. during Reconstruction. This merchant, Antoine, is a prosperous, free-born black man. His friend, Read More →

“the Matchmaker” At Cygnet Theatre / “the Uneasy Chair” At North Coast Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:  March 09, 2007 Two comedies set in the 1880s; two writers, separated by a half-century, paying homage to the plays of the past. One is a bona fide chestnut; the other, a modern warhorse-wannabe. “The Matchmaker,” by Thornton Wilder, is an American classic, begun in 1938, revised in 1955, and ultimately the famous source for the megahit musical, “Hello, Dolly!” Read More →

Theatre Review: “reckless” At 6th @ Penntheatre


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times December 19, 2002 It's Christmas Eve. The presents are all wrapped and the children are tucked into bed. Rachel is feeling all warm and fuzzy, looking out at the snow, reminiscing about Christmases past. She's about to have a "euphoria attack." And then, her husband confesses that he's hired a hit-man, taken out a contract on her life, and she's got five minutes Read More →