“RAIN” at The Old Globe

“RAIN” at The Old Globe


Aired on KSDS-FM on 4/8/16 RUN DATES: 3/24/16 - 5/1/16 VENUE: The Old Globe In adapting a piece of literature, there’s an obligation to maintain the spirit of the original. W. Somerset Maugham’s riveting 1921 short story, “Rain” (originally titled “Miss Thompson”), has certainly provided fertile ground for adapters: three films, and an aborted musical, called “Sadie Thompson,” created in 1944 with Ethel Merman in mind. Now, along come composer/lyricist Michael John La Chiusa and librettist Sybille Pearson, with a Read More →

“IF/THEN” – Broadway San Diego at the Civic Theatre

“IF/THEN” – Broadway San Diego at the Civic Theatre


RUN DATES: 1/5/16-1/10/16 VENUE: Civic Theatre (Broadway San Diego) How many power ballads does it take to make an Idina Menzel musical? Judging by the score of the 2014 “If/Then” the number is limitless. There’s even a song called “Here I Go,” which could be substituted with “Let It Go,” Menzel’s knockout number from the animated movie, “Frozen.” But that’s another story. This story, written by the creators of the dark and delectable “Next to Normal” (music by Read More →

“Shrek” – Moonlight Stage Productions

“Shrek” – Moonlight Stage Productions


RUN DATES: 8/21/15 - 8/29/15 VENUE: Moonlight Amphitheatre We all know it’s not easy being green. Just ask Kermit – or Elphaba. But it’s even harder if you happen to be a scary ogre with a soft heart. Poor Shrek has had a rough life. Now, all he wants is solitude, and a nice piece of swamp to call his own. But he’s invaded by a horde of Fairy Tale characters, led by a belligerent Pinocchio and a feisty Read More →

Theatre Review: “splendour” At The Globe Theatres


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times February 27, 2003 Splendor is in the eye of the beholder. As she tells us in her director's notes, Karen Carpenter first read it just after 9/11 and couldn't get it out of her mind. Even when you're sitting there watching it, it's often hard to keep the play in mind (without losing track). There are many Read More →

Theatre Review: “all My Sons” At The Old Globe Theatre


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times August 22, 2002 Arthur Miller never really goes out of style (though he may shift in and out of popularity), because his plays deal primarily with morality and social conscience. Preachy or not, we need him now, more than ever. "All My Sons" was Miller's first successful play. When it premiered in 1947, it foreshadowed his later, greater masterwork, Read More →

Theatre Review: “the Barber Of Seville” At The San Diego Comic Opera


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times October 04, 2002 Rossini was true to Beuamarchais, and Comic Opera is true to Rossini (in one way, at least). The French dramatist Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais wrote "The Barber of Seville," in 1775 to satirize the follies and foibles of the upper class. The play was distinguished by its clever dialogue and intricate plot. When Rossini composed his adaptation in 1815, Read More →