“RAIN” at The Old Globe

“RAIN” at The Old Globe


Aired on KSDS-FM on 4/8/16 RUN DATES: 3/24/16 - 5/1/16 VENUE: The Old Globe In adapting a piece of literature, there’s an obligation to maintain the spirit of the original. W. Somerset Maugham’s riveting 1921 short story, “Rain” (originally titled “Miss Thompson”), has certainly provided fertile ground for adapters: three films, and an aborted musical, called “Sadie Thompson,” created in 1944 with Ethel Merman in mind. Now, along come composer/lyricist Michael John La Chiusa and librettist Sybille Pearson, with a Read More →

Theatre Reviews: “fifth Of July” At Diversionary Theatre And “valparaiso” At Sledgehammer Theatre


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times June, 2002 FIFTH OF JULY It's that Seventies Show….Lanford Wilson's "Fifth of July." Heaven help us, it's 1977 again, with all the bell-bottoms, fringe, tie-dye and leisure suits that entails. At Diversionary Theatre, Corey Johnston's costumes are a hoot. But the colors are deeper than the plot. Nonetheless, there are star performances in this not-so-stellar play. Read More →

Theatre Preview: “i Think I Like Girls” At The La Jolla Playhouse


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times August 22, 2002 The La Jolla Playhouse has definitely veered off the straight and narrow path. The first two productions of their experimental Page To Stage project are decidedly gay-friendly, and coincidentally, they have strikingly similar titles: "I Am My Own Wife" (about a German transvestite) and "I Think I Like Girls" (about growing up lesbian in America). This Read More →

Theatre Review: “the American Dream” And “the Zoo Story” At The Diversionary Theatre


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times November 18, 2002 From his first play to his latest, three-time Pulitzer Prizewinner Edward Albee has been obsessed with communication, alienation and the dissolution of the American Dream. His breakout one-act, "The Zoo Story," and his most recent, Tony Award-winning Broadway success, "The Goat," confront these themes with a devastating intensity. Two years after he wrote "The Zoo Story" in 1958, Albee penned Read More →

Theatre Review: “silent Night, Lonely Night” At Actor’s Asylum


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times December 20, 2002 Most holiday stories and shows are all about good cheer and celebration. But we all know that there's a flip side to the giddy glad tidings -- the depression, isolation and despair the season often brings. This is the domain of Robert Anderson, who's been dubbed "the playwright of loneliness." "Silent Night, Lonely Night" is set Read More →

Theatre Review: “cocks Have Claws And Wings To Fly” At Sdsu


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times March 21, 2003 No, it's not those kinds of cocks. But there's enough symbolism in the play to include that, too. The titular birds and their various attributes comprise the running theme of this new play by Texan Amparo Garcia. In the face of attack, the choice (claws or wings) is Fight or Flight. And so it is in this crazy Tex-Mex family, where a visit from Mom has wrought Read More →