“sweet Bird Of Youth” At La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE:   October 29, 1999 The La Jolla Playhouse production of "Sweet Bird of Youth" is like an elegant, fragile ceramic bowl. From a distance, it's lovely, but when you look closer, it's got lots of little cracks that mar the finished product. Some of the problem was in the clay, so to speak, what the potter or Read More →

“a Christmas Carol” At San Diego Repertory Theatre 1999


KPBS AIRDATE: DECEMBER 17, 1999 Talk about the holiday spirit… how about four of them? That would be the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future… and old Marley, who "was dead, to begin with."   This month, you can get spirited away to the 24th incarnation of "A Christmas Carol" at the San Diego Repertory Theatre. The cast of characters is Read More →

Coming Of Age In Alabama: The Timeless   American Classic, “to Kill A Mockingbird” At New Village Arts In Carlsbad


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO 4/15/14 He’s a bona fide American hero: wise, compassionate father; upright, ethical attorney; staunch defender of the weak and oppressed.   So what if he’s a fictional character? Atticus Finch is a paragon of parenthood and moral integrity. It’s hard not to love him as much as Scout does. Atticus Read More →

Sunshine Boys Offers Laughter Tinged With Sadness


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO Posted 6/17/14 You know about Lewis and Clark the explorers. But are you familiar with Lewis and Clark the comedians? For 43 years, they antagonized each other as a topnotch vaudeville team. Then, in 1961, after their sixth appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” Lewis called it quits. Eleven years later, Read More →

Society Wives Ponder Infidelity In Coward’s   ‘fallen Angels’


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO 9/22/14 If spending an evening with witty Brits, of the fizzy, frothy and frivolous sort, Noël Coward’s your man, and “Fallen Angels” is your current play of choice. This is early Coward, written in 1925, when he was a callow 26 years old. He would refine his urbanity and his characters’ inanity over time, but Read More →

San Diego Rep’s “honky” Examines Race In America


PAT LAUNER TIMES OF SAN DIEGO 11/19/14 How do we talk about race in America? We don’t. But as you can tell from its title, “Honky,” playwright Greg Kalleres goes where others fear to tread. All the unprintable, unspeakable, un-PC words are there. Black/white conversations are awkward, often stereotyped and bigoted (in both directions). People say what they think, Read More →