Theatre Review: “reckless” At 6th @ Penntheatre


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times December 19, 2002 It's Christmas Eve. The presents are all wrapped and the children are tucked into bed. Rachel is feeling all warm and fuzzy, looking out at the snow, reminiscing about Christmases past. She's about to have a "euphoria attack." And then, her husband confesses that he's hired a hit-man, taken out a contract on her life, and she's got five minutes Read More →

Theatre Review: “cabaret” At North Coast Repertory Theatre


Published in Gay and Lesbian Times March 06, 2003 It's been re-fashioned more times than Madonna. "Cabaret" started out as several short stories by English novelist Christopher Isherwood (né William Bradshaw -- remember the name!): "Sally Bowles," written in 1937 and "Goodbye to Berlin" (1939), which were published together as "Berlin Stories" (1946). The book became a play, "I Am A Camera" Read More →

Title:   The San Diego Opera Co-produces A Major New Work, “moby-dick”


SAN DIEGO JEWISH JOURNAL DECEMBER 2011 Title:   The San Diego Opera co-produces a major new work, “Moby-Dick” Suggested Title:   An Opera of Biblical Proportion: The San Diego Opera co-produces a major new work, “Moby-Dick” It’s a leviathan. To some, “Our American Bible.” Read More →

Surviving Genocide – Or Personal Tragedy:


SAN DIEGO JEWISH JOURNAL MAY 2013 The San Diego premiere of “Extraordinary Chambers” By PAT LAUNER What do you get when you mix together one Jew, two half-Jews, one Muslim and three Asians? “Extraordinary Chambers.” The play, which premiered at the Geffen Playhouse in 2011, won Read More →

“CELL” – Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company

“CELL” – Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company


PAT LAUNER  posted at RUN DATES: 9/24/15-10/18/15 VENUE: Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company New York-based playwright Cassandra Medley has a lot on her mind – too much for one play, in fact. Her world premiere, “Cell,” set in an immigration detention center, has ‘topicality’ written all over it. It shines a piercing light on a badly broken system, the abuse of already vulnerable people, and the desperation of bottom-rung job-holders who have to deal with them, while they do Read More →




Aired on KSDS-FM on 7/29/16 RUN DATES:   7/1/16 - 8/6/16 VENUE: OnStage Playhouse “Oh Boy,” as Buddy Holly used to sing. His sure was a fast, short but influential ride. During his tragically brief career, the rock and roll pioneer had 10 hit records over the course of just 15 months. His band name, The Crickets, inspired the Beatles moniker; and his death, at age 22, in a 1959 plane crash that left behind “a widowed bride,” who was also Read More →