“cloud 9” At Diversionary Theatre & “compleat Female Stage Beauty” At The Globe Theatres


KPBS AIRDATE: April 19, 2002 "I am a man's creation; I am the woman every man wants." The quote comes from one play, but it applies to two. In either case, the character speaking would be… a man. In Caryl Churchill's acclaimed 1979 "Cloud Nine" and Jeffrey Hatcher's world premiere "Compleat Female Stage Beauty," it is men who define what it means to be a woman. But then, Read More →

“the Syringa Tree” At The Pasadena Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE: November 29, 2002 Splashes of light transform the painted backdrop from desert sand to cloudy sky. The only prop is a suspended swing. This is story-telling the way it began: one person, many voices and characters. Pamela Gien is a modern-day griot, a folk historian. She has the stage all to herself, but she crowds it with a cast of 24 colorful Read More →

Theatre Review: “ Children Of Heracles ” At 6th @ Penn Theatre & “an Evenin’ With Billie” Ira Aldridge Players @ Café Caesar


KPBS AIRDATE: July 25, 2003 Sometimes you just have to step out of the box. See something you wouldn't normally try. Take the Fritz Blitz. The 10th annual event features new work by California playwrights. This year's fest is the best in recent memory, and this is the last weekend to catch it… with a full evening's R-rated parody called "Porn Yesterday," by Patricia Milton Read More →

Theatre Review: “ M. Butterfly” At Diversionary Theatre (co-prod. With Asian American Rep) & “ Kiss Of The Spider Woman” At 6th @ Penn Theatre & “ The Gingerbread Lady” At Renaissance Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: March 26, 2004 Theater is all about illusion, and so, quite often, is love. We all see what we want to see, believe what we want to believe, even in the face of hard-edged reality. This theme recurs, poignantly, in three knockout productions currently on San Diego stages. What we expect of a lover, a mother, a woman, a man is not always what Read More →

Holiday Shows


KPBS AIRDATE:   December 10, 2004 If you’ve already had enough family drama this season… get out of the house and go see   a show. Theater takes you out of your head, your home and your self-pity, and gives you a different perspective on humanity, humor, music, faith or sheer comic silliness. It’s all out there on San Diego Read More →

Theatre Review: “i Am My Own Wife” By La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE:  August 19, 2005 It’s hard to say which is more astonishing – the plot or the performance. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf was a real-life East German transvestite who survived, on her own terms, through the Nazi and communist regimes. She and scores of other characters are brilliantly portrayed by Jefferson Mays, a graduate of UCSD, for whom the role in “I Am My Read More →