Suggested Title: “fiddler” + 18 = Good Luck For J*company


La Jolla 10/8/10 Dek: The youth theater company celebrates an anniversary and Question: What has 85 kids, a violinist and three Milkmen? Answer: The J*Company’s “Fiddler on the Roof.” The timeless 1964 musical opens the celebrational 18th season of the youth theater company housed at the Lawrence Family JCC. Read More →

Local Kids Follow The Yellow Brick Road .. To Poway


3/4/11 PAT LAUNER   Poway The Missoula Children’s Theatre casts 60 young San Diegans in “The Wizard of Oz,” at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. Question: How long does it take to direct 60 kids in a musical theater production? Answer (incredible Read More →

“the Seagull” And “the Weir” At The Old Globe


KPBS AIRDATE: FEBRUARY 25, 2000 Life is what you make of it. Some people sit around in bars telling tales of chances taken, opportunities missed.   Some try to create their own reality by writing or acting. Some respond to misfortune with subdued intensity, shouldering their burden and moving quietly on; others rail and rage in their grief and pain. Read More →

“evita” At Starlight Musical Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: SEPTEMBER 8, 2000 Here's the plane truth: For the first time in umptysquat years, Starlight Musical Theatre has eliminated the annoying stop-action freeze frame. No more listening for the noise level, trying to determine if this one will be visibly green-lighted or will it be a red-light special, frozen mid-sentence and mid-song, to await the passage of an overhead aircraft. No more painstaking Read More →

“dinner With Friends” At The Old Globe Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: APRIL 20, 2001 I'm sure you've heard the Oscar rumors that so-and-so really didn't deserve the award this year, but he'd been nominated before and should have gotten it and didn't so let's give it to him this time. Well, I think that's what happened with the 2000 Pulitzer Prize. The wonderfully witty, intelligent playwright Donald Margulies had been a finalist twice before, with much more Read More →

“misjudgment In Paris” — Malashock Dance At The Globe


KPBS AIRDATE: January 18, 2002 Myths may be thousands of years old, but they still have the power to move us. Choreographer John Malashock has taken three Greek myths and put them into motion as a dance-theater piece, with text by Allan Havis, head of the UCSD playwriting program, and an original score by Lisa Bloom Cohen. You don't have to dig out your Bullfinch mythology book; familiarity Read More →