“blues In The Night” At The Old Globe Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: February 16, 1994 > To paraphrase an old Harold Arlen standard, everyone's "got a right to sing the blues." But African-Americans have the blues in their blood.   For more than a century, they've known it, lived it, developed it, refined it. Blues songs typically tell of the pain of poverty, the loss of love, and the burden of Read More →

“the Sum Of Us” At The North Coast Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: February 9, 1994 > Question: Is it possible for a father to be too supportive of a son? This is an issue Jeff Mitchell grapples with every day.   His mother is dead.   He lives with his dad.   Jeff is 24, cute and gay, and his father is 300% accepting. When Jeff leaves Read More →

“3 Pieces ‘n’ Pie” At The Big Kitchen & “mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays” At The Old Globe Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: February 2, 1994 > Can you get a little closer to the radio?   I have a theater secret to share with you.   Actually, you might even want to write this down. Get a pen and paper.   Ready? Okay, here goes. Big Kitchen. That's it.   San Diego's best-kept theatrical Read More →

“three Hotels” At The San Diego Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: January 26, 1994 > Kenneth Hoyle spends a lot of time in hotels.   It's part of his job, as an international corporate exec, shuttling among Third World countries, pushing The Product, a questionable baby food, and advancing to the stature of company hatchet man. He used to be a gentler, kinder guy. He started out in the Peace Read More →

“the Conduct Of Life” At The Fritz Theatre & “the Show Host” At The Centro Cultural De La Raza


KPBS AIRDATE: January 19, 1994 > Cuban-born Maria Irene Fornes is a juxtaposer par excelence; in her abstract, non-linear plays, fantasy and fatalism walk arm in arm, as do cruelty and tenderness, satire and extreme seriousness.   Her plays may be viewed as dramatic collages, bits and pieces of a story, a life, a relationship, that the viewer has to help to make into a Read More →

Sweet, Smart Rodgers & Hart At The Poway Center For The Performing Arts


THEATRE REVIEW: “ SWEET, SMART RODGERS & HART ” at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts KPBS AIRDATE: January 12, 1994 With music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart, you can't lose.   Or can you? When writer/director Steven Suskin conceived of "Sweet, Smart Rodgers & Read More →