”the Heliotrope Bouquet By Scott Joplin And Louis Chauvin” At The La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE:   AUGUST 19,1991 It's almost as if we're watching "The Heliotrope Bouquet by Scott Joplin and Louis Chauvin" through an opium haze. But ragtime wizard Joplin wasn't as much into mind-bending drugs as his contemporary Chauvin. At the time we meet him, however, in 1917, Joplin is sliding downward from syphilis, and his mind is fuzzy with fever, as he flashes Read More →

”grand Hotel” At The Civic Theatre


Aug 13-18 KPBS AIRDATE:   AUGUST 14, 1991 I'm tempted to call it "The Bland Hotel." It's as if some wayward Kansas tornado lifted this large, sumptuous New York construction and plopped it down at the Civic Theatre intact. For me, it’s another one of those vapid, vacant but elaborate concoctions that's been passing for a Read More →

”necessities” At The Cassius Carter Centre Stage


KPBS AIRDATE:   7/22/91 What exactly are life's basic necessities? For 43 year-old Zelda Kelly, protagonist of Velina Hasu's Houston's latest play, called "Necessities," it's -- let's see, a couple of Mercedes, some big feature film deals, maybe a TV sitcom, a deal-making power lunch, a young, successful husband, 10 or 20 cats, a bulging checkbook, a smarmy male secretary. All Read More →

“the Taming Of The Shrew” At Octad-one Productions


KPBS AIRDATE: July 19, 1991 The title alone is enough to raise the hackles -- and temperatures -- of modern women.    But in many ways, "The Taming of the Shrew" is too farcical to be seen as seriously anti-feminist.   It's lusty, witty and well-crafted, and it's currently being done as a delightful romp by Octad-One Productions. Read More →

”the Trip To Bountiful” At The Lamb’s Players Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   July 3, 1991 Thomas Wolfe said you can't go home again. But Horton Foote says you can. In his warm-hearted 1953 play, "The Trip to Bountiful," widow Carrie Watts tries desperately to get back to her old Texas home town, Bountiful, the barren farmland that once lived up to its name. She's in the big city now, Read More →

”fortinbras” At The La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE:   July 1, 1991 When was the last time you saw "Hamlet"? Whatever details you may or may not recall, surely you remember that laughter was not your primary response to the melancholy Dane. But guffaws greet the nattering Norwegian, "Fortinbras," the hero of Lee Blessing's new play, a comic sequel to "Hamlet" currently having its world premiere at the Read More →