“Spalding Gray” at UCSD


KPBS AIRDATE: April 4, 1991 >Ask Spalding Gray a question and you won't necessarily get a straight answer. He won't avoid; he'll digress. But that's what he does best: Take a circuitous route from Point A to Point B via a delicious series of personal anecdotal detours. >Gray is known as a monologist, a moniker he detests.   He calls himself an Actor/Writer/Performer. One of the pieces he's doing here, tomorrow night, is "Monster in a Box," Read More →

“Two Trains Running” at The Old Globe


KPBS AIRDATE:   March 21, 1991 If you've been feeling bludgeoned by the sixties lately, don't worry. Even though that's the decade playwright August Wilson is up to in his chronicle of black America in the 20th century, ""Two Trains Running'' is no heavy-handed black power polemic. It's more a simple slice of life, with the sixties serving as a sort of blurry background. Malcolm and Martin are only mentioned once or twice. Life goes on as Read More →

“Sun Bearing Down” at The Old Globe


KPBS AIRDATE: March 15, 1991 We're in a small resort town on the South Carolina coast. We hear the waves lap against the sand, and the clang of a distant lighthouse bell.   But soon the seaside silence is shattered.   We learn that chemicals and garbage have been dumped in the ocean. And a truckload of metaphorical garbage has been dumped on the lives of Lamar and Price, two troubled semi-siblings. In fact, "Sun Bearing Down" Read More →