“the Lady From Dubuque” At Octad-one Productions


KPBS AIRDATE: February 24, 1993 Playwright Edward Albee, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, seems like a realist but he's really a fabulist. His scathing dialogue, lacerating wit and incendiary character conflicts are placed in believable settings. But surreal surprises always lurk behind a curtain.   And the sarcasm fairly oozes onto the stage. The dying woman in "The Read More →

“song Of Singapore” At The Theatre In Old Town


KPBS AIRDATE: February 17, 1993 The city of Singapore makes you think 'rice.'   "The Song of Singapore" makes you think 'corn.' And the West Coast premiere of this spoofy musical, at the Theatre in Old Town, really milks the corn, to mix a metaphor. The setting is a seedy waterfront cafe, 1941.   There's Read More →

“redwood Curtain” At The Old Globe Theatre & “a Walk In The Woods” At Onstage Productions


KPBS AIRDATE: February 10, 1993 > A critic can get pretty jaded. We see lots of plays, sometimes four or five a week.   Some are unwatchable; some are mediocre, and some make you remember why you keep doing this in the first place.   "Redwood Curtain" is one of those plays, one that touched me at a very Read More →

“marie And Bruce” At Sledgehammer Theatre & “the Woods” At The Fritz Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: February 3, 1993 Relationships aren't easy. Just ask Wallace Shawn and David Mamet. Not that they're having one together, but a small cast, one act play by each is running uptown on Sixth Avenue and downtown on Seventh.   These pieces aren't about good relationships, mind you. Certainly not enviable ones, especially if Read More →

“latins Anonymous: La La La Awards” At The San Diego Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: January 27, 1993 "The La La La Awards" is an acronymic abbreviation for Latins Anonymous Lifetime Achievement Awards. So the last LA doesn't really stand for anything; somebody must've gotten the L out of there before it all began. Latins Anonymous is a funny, facile comedy group.   This is their second show Read More →

“light Sensitive” At The Old Globe Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: January 20, 1993 > It's kind of like the blind leading the blind.   The main character in Jim Geoghan's "Light Sensitive" has no vision. The same may be said for the director and for the Globe itself for choosing this unimaginative fluff piece. It seems as if, once a year, the Globe trots out a tired new Read More →