“vampire Lesbians Of Sodom” At Sweetooth Comedy Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   AUGUST 12-13, 1992 One guy in drag has droopy boobs, a frumpy dress and roller skates.   Another is all in gold lamé, a little two-piece, mini-skirted number -- which he happens to own.   A young woman plays a man in sweatpants bulging at the thigh with penis envy. Welcome to the world of "Vampire Lesbians Read More →

“pirates Of Penzance ” At Moonlight Amphitheatre


KPBS AIRDATE: August 5, 1992 There's plenty of pap in summer musical theatre. But the Papp that's come to Vista is a welcome addition. It's the legacy of Joseph Papp and his acclaimed, innovative New York Shakespeare Festival. The inventive impresario died last year. But his 1981 update of "The Pirates Read More →

“tommy” At The La Jolla Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE: July 22, 1992 <MUSIC UP..."Amazing Journey"> "Tommy" sure has been on an "Amazing Journey." From the concert halls of London to the mainstage of the La Jolla Playhouse.   And it only took twenty-three years! But composer Pete Townshend of The Who thought it was time.   And artistic Read More →

“lettice & Lovage” At The Civic Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   JULY 16, 1992 This Lettice is no vegetable. Miss Lettice Duffet is an irrepressible English tour-guide with a passion for history, theater and embellishment.    She is working at Fustian House, which she considers to be "the dullest house in England." The history of the place being so terminally boring, she finds it necessary in her Read More →

“dear Liar” At Octad-one Productions


KPBS AIRDATE:   July 8, 1992 She was an actor and he was a playwright. She was known for her devastating English wit and marked eccentricities, a woman who never parted from her Pekingese. He was an Irish vegetarian, a socialist, polemicist, music and drama critic, antivivisectionist, promoter of spelling reform -- and inveterate iconoclast. Her Read More →

“the Utter Glory Of Morrissey Hall” At Lamb’s Players Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE: July 1, 1992 There isn't much glory at Morrissey Hall, the fictional upper-class girls' school that's just moved into Lamb's Players Theatre. But there's plenty of yelling, running, screaming, singing, whining, teasing and camping it up.    It's not surprising that this creaky little musical didn't make it on Broadway. The plot is silly and Read More →