“marriage Is Forever” At The San Diego Repertory Theatre / “blues For An Alabama Sky” At The Old Glob


KPBS AIRDATE:   APRIL 7, 1999 It’s a great week for seeing how the other half lives. At the San Diego Rep, there’s a world premiere Latino play, “Marriage is Forever,” and the Globe’s got “Blues for an Alabama Sky.”   One’s comic, the other’s very dramatic; both are about finding your way in a not-always welcoming land, making a new life, Read More →

“three Days Of Rain” At The Old Globe Theatre & “lucky Stiff” At Starlight At The Lyceum


KPBS AIRDATE: JUNE 2, 1999 Whatever happened to the fourth wall? There used to be some distance and separation between actors and audience.   But now, more than ever, the players come right out and talk to us directly. As if we’re friends. As if it’s as natural as yogurt that hundreds of us have come to visit. Read More →

  “thunder Knocking On The Door” At The Old Globe (festival Stage)


KPBS AIRDATE:   JULY 21, 1999 So you’re standing out there in Balboa Park, and the thunder starts to roll.   SOUND:   Thunder Even though you know you’re about to go into the theater, you still shudder and look for rain. “Thunder is Knocking on the Door,” Read More →

“gangster No. One” At The Fritz Theater


KPBS AIRDATE:   SEPTEMBER 29, 1999 By now, we've all had a bellyful of American mobsters… their contorted faces looming ominously on the small and large screen. Mafiosi with their Noo Yawk accents, their molls, their mothers and their murderous machinations. Now, we meet their transcontinental counterparts. The London underworld is the setting of the brutal and brutally funny "Gangster Read More →

“the Illusion” At San Diego Repertory Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   NOVEMBER 12, 1999 Theater is all about illusion. "The Illusion" is all about theater. Well, not only theater. It's also about reality versus artifice, mortality, redemption and lust… but mostly, it's about love: filial, friendly and passionate. And since a reclusive sorcerer takes center stage, it's about magic.   Which brings us back to theater. Read More →

‘the Liar’ At Scripps Ranch Theatre Is Riotous, Rhyming Fun


Pat Launer 4/3/14 Beware the Ives of March! It’s been a great season for playwright David Ives. Last month kicked off with North Coast Repertory Theatre’s hilariously over-the-top, heavily wigged and period-costumed production of “The School for Lies,” Ives’ 2011 verse adaptation of Molière’s 1666 farce, “The Misanthrope.” And March went out like a lion, Ives-wise, with the opening Read More →